Majestic Mammoth Lakes When you’re searching for adventure, there is no location better to focus on than Mammoth Lakes

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When you’re searching for adventure, there is no location better to focus on than Mammoth Lakes. Set in the stunning Sunshine State, it is one place California rightfully heralds as a “must-see” for travelers when they visit their neck of the woods.

Whether you are speaking about scale, beauty, the Great Outdoors, dining, shopping, or simple relaxation, Mammoth Lakes is where you will find it all. To many who have visited, they describe it as one of those amazing, rare places on the map that you have to “see to believe.” Think about it…crystal clear mountain lakes, bright green valleys, some of the greatest fishing spots imaginable, and hiking and biking trails that sit right outside your door: Your jaw drops at the wonder of it all. And now that autumn is almost upon us; the most beautiful colors are about to decorate this area and make it even more unforgettable.

The Eastern Sierra realm already gives you a sense that only the heavens, themselves, could have created it, but when the leaves begin to show their crimson and orange colors, you truly look upon a whole new category of beauty. Whether horseback riding, camping, hiking in the mountains, or going out on your boat and casting your line into one of those well-stocked lakes just waiting for the next bite, Mammoth Lakes provides all types of excitement. When the snow begins to fall, you get positively thrilled, strapping on your skis to take on both Mammoth Mountain and June Mountain nearby. The town of Mammoth Lakes has everything one can wish for in the areas of shopping, dining, inns, and more; not to mention, the day trips you can choose from where you head to Mono Lake with its limestone towers, or make a day of it by visiting the grand Yosemite National Park and taking a cavalcade of pictures to include the granite cliffs and ancient sequoias some of us have only read about.

Spectacular year-round, this dramatic background has trails to hike that goes from lush to dramatic, from brightly colored fields of wildflowers to trails that take you up into the craggy granite peaks of the range. A wealth of easy, family-friendly hikes are there so everyone can get involved in the fun, and if you’re more of an expert, the Pacific Crest Trail and the John Muir Trail offer the most ambitious backpackers a real challenge.

For pure and utter relaxation, make sure to check out a list of waterfall trails that will relax the mind and body. Some may not know that the Eastern Sierra has a slew of cascading falls hidden in canyons that seem to await around each turn in every trail. Rainbow Falls is still the most dramatic in this location; where the Middle Fork of the San Joaquin River plunges 100+ feet, Rainbow Falls, located in Reds Meadows, is a sight that will take your breath away. As you leave from the trailhead, you will descend to the base of the falls and take a staircase to the pool at the bottom. When you’re done with your exploration there, you can continue down to the cascading Lower Falls, where a large pool awaits. It is here that the ‘catch of the day’ awaits the most avid angler.

Mammoth Lakes is the trip of a lifetime. California’s ‘best-kept secret’ is there to be enjoyed…pass it on!

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