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California Adds Ice Cube to their “Entertaining” Cannabis Industry

Ice Cube

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Known as the entertainment capital of the world, starring “The City of Angels,” California is well-known, to say the least. Their news is also entertaining, even when speaking about the cannabis industry where California ranks number one when it comes to sales figures.

It should not surprise you, therefore, to learn that this state makes a great deal of money in this specific industry because famous entertainers are responsible for brands and lines of cannabis products being sold in 2021. The latest inductee into this crew? Famous actor/hip-hop legend Ice Cube has just joined the ranks with his very own brand.

Let’s look at a few who’ve helped California stay in the number one spot:

Comic actor known for his ‘pot smoking ways’ Tommy Chong, the world’s first cannabis celebrity, is the creator behind Tommy Chong’s Cannabis (formerly known as “Chong’s Choice”). His line features products like sublingual THC strips, CBD energy shots, sleep tinctures and more.

Bella Thorne, a major Generation ‘Z’ icon who is known as a popstar, actress, and outspoken stoner is a part of Forbidden Flowers, a new brand from Glass House Farms that consists of Thorne’s approved strains. The Forbidden Flower products are as glitzy as the actress, herself, and come with colored rolling papers and gradient toned glass jars with big glitter lids.

Major rap music mogul Jay-Z entered a multi-year partnership with Caliva, a popular California cannabis brand that has its own dispensaries, delivery services, and a multitude of house brands. It is Jay-Z, after all, so he would have had to ‘go big or go home,’ which is why he most likely chose this well-structured, popular company to team up with. Having the title of Chief Brand Strategist for Caliva, he’s behind some of the best products offered in the state.

If you happen to be a sports enthusiast, NBA legend Al Harrington is a part of the Viola world now; he is touted as having the social equity minded, proudly Black cannabis brand. In addition to producing high-quality flower, vapes, and extracts, Viola’s actual company mission is to empower others. Not only do they support minority ownership in the brand by creating a coalition of minority investors who own and operate Viola, they have also created social equity programs to help cannabis entrepreneurs get into the industry.

If you happen to be a fan of the ‘oldies but goodies’ from the 60’s, Bob Marley (who passed away in 1981), has his name on a product line posthumously called, Marley Natural. In addition to the many products they have, the company also has a charity called “Rise Up,” which works to enact positive changes in both social and environmental issues. The 60’s is also represented by Mickey Hart. In a move that is not exactly surprising, this legendary drummer for the Grateful Dead launched Mind Your Head, a cannabis brand specializing in two kinds of prerolls: Magic Minis and Space Tickets. Not only is the product well-reviewed, but the cool psychedelic packaging and branding perfectly represent the band; they even have an engraved tin of ten super small, super potent Chem Dawg mini joints for the avid fan.

Another big sports name involved in the industry is boxer Mike Tyson with his brand, Tyson Ranch. In 2016, he originally launched Tyson Holistic Holdings, a parent brand that sells weed merchandise, and Tyson Ranch branded cannabis products. In addition, his company is looking to build a 420-acre marijuana playground in California. Plans for the attraction include a luxury hotel, an amphitheater for music festivals, various weed attractions, and more. Another oddity is the fact that Tyson Ranch doesn’t grow their own flower, and has no plans to ever grow weed on its premises. (Don’t you just love these unique celebrities?)

And now…just two weeks ago, hip-hop legend and star of the film franchise “Friday,” Ice Cube, launched his own cannabis brand in partnership with Caviar Gold called Fryday Kush. The founding N.W.A. member stated that he personally developed this line and, in conjunction with Caviar Gold, released it in four adult-use markets. Ice Cube sent out a tweet stating: “We got cones, high potency buds, and some of the strongest nugs on the market,” and added that the line’s potency is 46.2% THC and 10.78% CBD. According to Caviar Gold, the product includes “the unique proprietary process of adding 98% pure liquid THC to marijuana, creating the strongest and highest quality flowers on Earth.”

Ice Cube is just the latest hip-hop star to launch a cannabis brand, however. He now joins the likes of Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, B-Real, Jim Jones, 2 Chainz…and the list goes on and on.

Leave it to California to lead the most entertaining movement the cannabis industry will ever know. It will be interesting to stay on top of things here and see who the next idol will be to join this famous crew.

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